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Different types of AI marketing tools that generate leads

Everything that we use has its own pros and cons. The same goes for our strategies in digital marketing. No matter what strategy you will choose there will be a few side effects or cons of that strategy. Which means that nothing is perfect here. Nowadays AI marketing has become a choice of every digital marketing agency for the sole purpose of generating better outcomes. From its development rate, it is 100 percent sure that the pros and cons of AI marketing will mold the future of digital marketing. But one thing that you should know is if you are a businessman or a marketer then you should make use of AI strategies to generate outstanding results for web development company dubai

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the combination of marketing techniques and AI concepts like machine learning and bayesian network to develop better interaction between customers and the services providers 

The tools that a social media agency makes use of in AI marketing are diverse and functional. In this article, we will tell you about some fine tool types of AI marketing that can help to generate leads in a marketing campaign for Mobile App Development Dubai

Customer Service Tools

Almost all businesses and brands are making use of chatbots so that they can develop better interaction between the customers and the services providers. Chatbots are proven to be effective in marketing because they give an on-time response and are cost-effective i.e you do not have to pay it over and over just as you pay to an employee. 

Automated tasking

If this then that technique in artificial intelligence has made it super easy for marketers to schedule their work and to complete small tasks. These automated working tools help a lot in Google ads management and save both time and money.

Image recognition

Different brands, in order to interact with their customers, make different filters so that people can use and them and love them. These filters are marketed through different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.