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When you reach a certain age getting bored can be the most common thing in the world, however there are many ways to be entertained throughout the day. For example, some games for the elderly can be a lot of fun that will also improve their abilities.

Another form of entertainment for the elderly is physical exercise, such as walking, which also brings great physical and emotional benefits.

But what to do once at home? The answer to that question is very simple: games and hobbies for seniors.

In this blog you will find the best games and hobbies, the benefits they bring you and a lot of additional information that will be of great interest to you.

Benefits of Games and Hobbies for Seniors

Now, what are the main benefits of games for the elderly? The answer to that question should be posed in such a way that everything is well explained.

Board games stimulate older people's brains in different ways, such as bringing back memories of their childhood and reminiscing about times past. On the other hand, board games for older adults are a great way to bond and have a good time with people with similar interests. Below we discuss in more detail the benefits of these types of hobbies.

Stimulation of cognitive development

As the GeriatricArea article on Benefits of leisure practices in the elderly comments, among the different options that we may have to practice leisure, one that offers us a wide range of advantages is, without a doubt, board games. Due to their qualities and manageability, they become an ideal instrument for adults. This is so because they are not only a material with which to find fun but they are, like no other, a material to stimulate cognitive development.

When playing, the adult is forced to mentally handle different types of information: solve problems, understand changes that arise during the development of the game, adapting to them (flexibility of thought), make decisions, analyze, maintain concentration, apply strategies, which entails imagining different possibilities of action on the part of their playmates, coordinating their thinking with execution. And depending on the game, he also interprets the facial expressions of his companions to count, calculate, remember, memorize rules, etc.

Creation of social ties

According to the RAE, a bond is a non-material union or relationship, especially that established between two people. This applied to the care of the elderly becomes even more important because at a certain age there is a tendency to seek the comfort of the known for the day to day. However, board games and hobbies are the perfect tool to meet new people who, perhaps, without them, would not get to know each other.

That is why, by encouraging oneself to play new board games, social benefits can be found in such a way that environments for conversation and understanding are created among the elderly.

In turn, playing these types of hobbies has a playful function and is that the stress of day to day is changed for the motivation of the next challenge, and while you are concentrating on it, the mind is clear of the rest of daily worries.

Emotional well-being

The other great benefit of hobbies for seniors is emotional well-being and cognitive function. Emotional well-being is accentuated by having the feeling of accomplishment, and this is achieved by completing a puzzle, a sudoku game, beating the goose or playing mus with friends. That well-being of finishing an activity in older people is hardly comparable to any other sensation.

On the other hand, it has a cognitive function. Learning new words, finishing puzzles, getting to bingo or any other achievement improves mental agility and arouses the curiosity of the elderly.

Best games for seniors

At Albertia we are very aware of the happiness and well-being of the elderly, and therefore we implement numerous recreational activities in our residences for the elderly and in our day centers. In addition, you will find a wide variety of games and hobbies for seniors in our individualized magazines for each center.

Here are some of the many games that can be played as they reach a certain age.


The game that everyone has played in their childhood and has taught them to respect the rules, to be patient and to concentrate. Applied to older adults, it is the same, because sometimes when you reach a certain age, patience is lost more easily than before.

To play it is simply necessary to have the game board, tokens for each player and a dice. In addition to wanting to have fun with friends or family.


The parchis. The game par excellence in much of Spain. It is difficult to think of someone who has not played Parcheesi, who has not been angry because their chips have been eaten or someone who has been excited to stop the other players.

Besides that all this creates a fun environment, favors counting, adding, learning to win and learning to lose. In short, this game is ideal for anyone looking to have a fun and somewhat competitive time.

To be able to play, you need the same three things as in the Goose: the board, the tiles, dice and players!


The mus is a famous card game throughout Spain and played in different ways. It can be played with four or eight kings, making all three the function of kings in the second case. Playing mus helps concentration, counting and being attentive to the opponent's signals. In addition to creating an environment as fun as it is competitive.

To play it, you only need a deck of Spanish cards, whistles and three friends. Pitas can be made from anything you can count on. From chickpeas to foil balls.


Historically, a game worthy of the most skilled, which combines skill, strategy and, on many occasions, patience. If we focus on older people, it helps their competitive spirit a lot, and in the same way, learning is improved and memories emerge.

To play this game of two, you need the characteristic black and white board, and the pieces in these two colors. The pieces are made up of the pawn, the knight, the bishop, the rook, the queen and the king.


Online Sudoku is a mathematical game that was invented in the 1970s and has multiple benefits for everyone. From young people to older adults they play this pastime around the world and it is due to its fun and didactic function. It helps concentration and counting, having to be sure not to make mistakes between rows and columns. It is a very complete game that helps children and adults to learn or remember the basic principles of mathematics. Free online Sudoku is a good option for older adults, because hardly any material is needed, other than a Sudoku puzzle and a pencil.


When hearing the word bingo, many people think directly of older adults, and it is for no other reason than because it enchants all older people. It helps concentration and has little competitive factor, which can make some people feel more comfortable when it comes to playing.

To play you need a kick drum with numbers, the templates to write down the numbers that come out and you want to shout Bingo!

How to make a homemade bingo

Making a home bingo is much easier than you may think. A cardboard box is enough to replace the bass drum, a sheet of paper cut out with numbers to replace the balls and some cards to create the players' templates.

The templates must be created taking into account the others, since the same numbers cannot be put in all of them. The numbers from 0 to 100 are usually the most common to play with, putting different numbers in each template. At least mostly. It must be combined between odd and even numbers.

An important trick to doing this one-time job is to put the template cards in a transparent folder and mark the numbers with an erasable marker.

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