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Topic: A Definitive Guide to Prepositions


What is the most difficult thing about learning a language? I know many of you might jump to say that it is either tense or vocabulary. But believe me, that is not as difficult as is learning the correct use of prepositions. Let alone the foreigners, even many native speakers often face difficulty in using prepositions correctly. They are hard to learn because they do not really translate exactly from one language to another.

The most frightening aspect is that their use is not really governed by the rulebook.  Although there are few rules that follow which one can learn the correct use of prepositions but there are many exceptions to those rules. Well, after learning the rules, you should be able to get most of the prepositions right in your English papers and with time, you will learn the exceptions too but if you do not have time for writinfg then take help from writing servoce ask them to write my paper.



What is a preposition?

A word, or sometimes, a set of words that tell us about the whereabouts of a noun or a pronoun. They tell us about their location, time, and relationship. They have no meaning unless they are used with the objects of the preposition, which are nouns and pronouns.

How to use prepositions?

A paper writing service should know the correct use of pronouns. Here are some rules that you follow to learn the correct use of prepositions:

  •         Usually, a preposition is written before the object of prepositions (noun or pronoun), but not always. Many people wrongly say that you cannot use a preposition at the end of a sentence. You can end a sentence with a preposition but make sure that you are not adding an extra preposition when the sentence is delivering its meaning without it.

Incorrect: There are few things with which no one can agree.

Correct: There are few things none can agree with.

Incorrect: Where did all of my friends go to?

Correct: Where did all of my friends go?

  •         The preposition “like” is always followed by an object of the preposition. When used as a preposition “like” means “similar to.”

Correct: I look like my younger brother.

This gives the meaning that I look similar to my younger brother. Here “younger brother” is the object of the preposition “like.”

Remember: Never to use the preposition like when there is a verb after the noun.

Incorrect: I look like my younger brother does.

  •         Instead of using the preposition like, you may use as, as if, or the way.

Correct: I look the way my younger brother does.

Remember! The preposition “as” is only used when there is a verb after the object of the preposition.

Incorrect: I am bad at cricket as my younger brother.

Correct: I am bad at cricket like my younger brother.

Correct: I am bad at cricket as my younger brother is.

  •         Always try to use the preposition “form” with “different”. Although it is not incorrect to use than with different, it is considered as not literary and is often declared as incorrect by many traditionalists. Therefore, in your writing, the difference should always be followed by form and not then, if you want to steer away from any criticism or you can hire essay writing service.

Polarizing: My younger brother is different than you are.

Correct: My younger brother is different from you.


  •         To tell the location of something, you should use the preposition in. and to indicate the motion of something towards another thing, you should use the preposition into.

Incorrect: I fell into the pit.

Correct: I fell in the pit.

Incorrect: I walked into my living room.

Correct: I walked into my living room.

Incorrect: I jumped in the water.

Correct: I jumped into the water.

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